Ryan Williams, Kristen’s Musical Colleague and Friend

"Kristen Leah Hooker was a wonderful human being. She was filled not with values of prestige and egotism, but with ideals of passion, love, and enjoyment. She held these dear to her, and they were instilled not solely in her music, but in her respect and care for others. It is not often in one’s life that he will meet a person who is utterly imbued with such gladden qualities; one who can mask sorrows, and painful events with an always cheerful disposition.

For two years we had not been acquainted, until I was lucky enough to be able to know Kristen on a more personal level. She had described to me her aspirations with the utmost modesty of becoming a concert bassoonist. Although, with most, their aspirations are supported by a want of praise or money; Kristen’s were simply for the love of the art.

Kristen’s 20 years were not short lived by any means. Her impact and guidance which she offered unconditionally were more than most offer in a 100 year life time. Kristen Hooker truly bestowed on everyone she knew, a way of always remembering that keeping a steady focus on what is ahead of you, maintaining a clear head, and keeping a happy heart will always help you to remain strong, and never let go of your goals, dreams, and aspirations."