Stacy Bitter Fabian has been surrounded by music her entire life. As the daughter of an accomplished musician and teacher, there was always music in the home. After a few attempts at violin and piano, Stacy fell in love with the flute in fifth grade. She went on to be a consistently strong player and led many sections and groups. She was marching band drum major and marched in the Rose Bowl Parade with Kristen. She was also a member of the top rated Symphony Orchestra for all four years of high school. She performed with the Red Note Foundation Orchestra in their debut Benefit Concert.

An Arizona native, Stacy met Kristen in third grade at Patterson Elementary School. Their bond formed quickly and was strong for many years. They shared a love of music, the art of being stubborn, and all things awesome. Stacy is honored and humbled to be part of Red Note Foundation and its growing success. She could not imagine a better way to honor Kristen’s memory and passion for life than with a music education focused foundation.

Stacy brings a diverse and well-rounded background to the Red Note Foundation team. She has expertise in many areas including event planning, technology administration, marketing, and project management. Her multiple years of website administration, and general knack for all things technical, is an advantage to Red Note Foundation in many ways for current and future development.

Stacy currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two active young boys. Her day job is with WebMD Health Services as an Associate Software Developer. Her free time is filled with raising young (energetic) gentlemen, learning more computer programming languages, cooking, baking, paper crafting, and building extensive train and race car tracks.