Shelbey Hooker, Co-Founder & Operations Director

Shelbey Hooker was born in Salisbury Maryland, moving with her family to Mesa, AZ at the age of 4. She grew-up with an appreciation for music in a home filled with the beautiful sounds of her father, Ken Hooker, and her sister, Kristen. Attempting at a young age to play violin, piano, and sing, Shelbey participated in both choir and band at Highland High School. 
While Kristen shared her father's zeal for music, Shelbey has her father's passion for aviation. After Graduating from High School, Shelbey attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautics with Minors in Helicopters and Aviation Safety. Shelbey is a Commercial pilot rated in single engine airplanes as well as helicopters. She has spent her career working for contract companies on the west coast and business charter operations. 
While Ken conducts the Orchestra, Shelbey is a powerhouse tirelessly working behind the scenes to bring the Red Note Foundation's goals to fruition. Shelbey's aviation career has taken her all over the world. Many of those journeys have grown her appreciation for the quality of life in the Greater Phoenix area. Red Note Foundation is Shelbey's avenue to bring enrichment to her hometown - through the power of Music Education.