We hear it time and time again, many schools are cutting budgets and the arts are the first to be eliminated from the curriculum. This is precisely why we created the Red Note Foundation. We Keep the Music Playing. We are passionate about music education and the arts. We believe every student deserves to experience the life enriching power of music.

As an organization we fund and support education programs allowing children the opportunity to play, sing, and enjoy music through education.

Just recently there has been an influx of news stories regarding the lack of funding for schools and how it is directly affecting students. In early March 2015, Apache Junction School district reduced their school week to 4 days in an effort to cut costs. Where does a such truncated schedule allow time for providing a well-balanced education?

“Facing a $2.7 million shortfall beginning next year, the Apache Junction school board voted Tuesday night to close one of its four elementary schools and approved a four-day school week for the entire district.”, according to azcentral.com. "There aren't a lot of areas left where we can cut, and it won't affect programs," he said. "But we don't have a choice. We have to balance our budget." - said Chad Wilson, superintendent of the Apache Junction Unified School District

This, and more, is why your support is so valuable to our mission and efforts. Please support us through donations, sponsorships or through your volunteer efforts so we can Keep the Music Playing!