A Few Thoughts for the 10th of July

To all Red Note friends and supporters.
It’s been a while since any of you have heard much from us, but since July 10th is a special time, and 2018 a significant year, a little reflection is appropriate. 
This year marks the fifth year of the existence of Red Note Foundation and this July 10th is the fourteenth anniversary of Kristen’s passing. This time of year is always a time of solemnity and gratefulness for the time we had with “K”. The time and experiences we had with her inspired a foundation of giving and support to the community, of whom we serve, through the medium of music. But Red Note doesn’t promote music for music’s sake. Our purpose is to uplift and energize each individual. To Kristen, everyone was special and worth her time and effort. Stories of her willing companionship are still being told by those who experienced them. Occasionally, a friend of “K’s” recounts a story about a lesson, or attribute, that made them a better person, and attributes the change to “K”. We are grateful for these stories and hope that in this time of reflection you can find some light, either from the remembrances of “K” or your experiences with Red Note Foundation.
Those of us who knew Kristen personally, miss her. But on this 5th year, a milestone in the existence of Red Note Foundation, we encourage you to look to others with kindness and gratitude as she would. Lift their spirits when they are down and encourage them to new heights. The process will forever change both of you. We invite those of you who did not know Kristen personally to go to the Red Note website and view the videos about her. (https://www.rednotefoundation.org/video-gallery) She knew it was the small things that make a difference. A heartfelt hello, a smile, or taking the time to go to someone that looked like they could use a friend and spend a few minutes. Yes, Red Note is dedicated to music education and its proliferation, but we use it to uplift the individual and the community. Music is the common unspoken language that can make the world a better, more productive place. Keep the Music Playing. Rejuvenate yourself with good music. Then go and lift someone else.