To all of you who have supported Red Note so generously, with your time and talent, these last nine weeks: I thank you!

Once again you have provided a concert worthy of the repeat attendees who love and appreciate your talents. Because of your support we have the means to increase the impact on the valley’s dwindling music education opportunities. Five string instruments where presented to Jill Osborne for Tempe High School students. The United Food Bank collected a record food haul that totaled 4,490 pounds when combined with the last two years totals. The Donation Raffle tables held many more items than in the past, including Southwest Airlines tickets, and signed sports memorabilia, to name a very few.

And then there was the music…What can I say?

There are no words to describe my gratitude and appreciation for the work done on behalf of the Foundation. From Girl Scouts, and volunteers in the front of the house, to each member of the choir and orchestra, I send you a heart felt, Thank You! Without you, the concert would not exist, and the foundation we have today would not be viable. Little by little we are making a difference in the Arizona music education community by providing instruments, sheet music, lessons, and scholarships. Eventually, Red Note will be able to mitigate the budget cuts that have so devastated music and the arts in general. You are a major part of the process to improve the debilitated music programs in the Valley. Your participation with Red Note is making great things happen!

Your participation goes far beyond having fun playing and singing for a few weeks to perform in a theater. Your generosity is multiplying to areas and people you have never met. Blessing their lives with the gift of music by reminding the audience how music delivers a message into one’s soul. You have given three students at Rosie’s House, A Music Academy for Children, the opportunity to experience the wonder of the bassoon; an opportunity that eluded them for ten years after Kristen was able to pique their interest. As Jennifer Schuster, from Rosie’s House stated, “Because the bassoon is such a rare(ly) (played) instrument, that more full ride scholarships are available to students that otherwise would not have the opportunity to afford a higher education.” You have begun to impact generations to come.

The benefits from your gift that leads to instruments, lessons, sheet music, and scholarships for the Arizona music education community don’t stop with the initial recipient. Your gift will continue through family and institutional legacies. Strengthening music education improves the person and everyone they touch. You have paid it forward. You are making a difference in ways you may never know.

My love and best wishes to you and your families during this special time of year.

I look forward to seeing you all next year as we continue the quest to Keep the Music Playing.

Ken Hooker

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Red Note Foundation