2017 Benefit Concert Announcement

Our dear friends of Red Note,

We want to thank each of you for your support and help in our incredible growth. Since the beginning of Red Note Foundation, in 2013, we have had many successes:
  • Produced four very successful concerts at a beautiful venue,
  • Initiated a double reed program at Rosie’s House,
  • Provided over 12 string instruments to students who were denied the opportunity to practice or play an instrument,
  • Supported school music programs through sheet music, guitars, and piano tunings.
  • These Red Note triumphs are possible at the hands of your support and generosity of time and funds. THANK YOU!
To date, a large majority of Red Note accomplishments have been made possible through our Benefit Concerts. The amount of work required to present one of these events is monumental. The scope includes canvasing community businesses for donations, securing raffle items, managing hundreds of volunteers and participants, rehearsing a volunteer orchestra and choir, preparation and management of a performance venue, and the list goes on.

This year has brought great challenges and blessings for members of the board and supporting team. Some team members were faced with job loss and changes, while others are faced with life-threatening disease and fighting, even now, in the hospital for their health and lives. Others have lost their parents or are caring for elderly parents and ultimately needed to resign. All of this is understandable, as the Red Note Founders strongly believe that family comes first.
Fortunately, we can also report a new board member. Shelbey Hooker and her husband, Taylor Butterfield, welcomed their son, Easton (pictured), in June.
This year, we have been and are looking at Red Note’s core objectives and methods of fundraising. It is important that the workload moving forward be disseminated to our volunteers and team members to make the greatest impact and most support Music Education in our communities.
Therefore, Red Note Foundation will NOT be presenting a Benefit Concert for 2017.
Many hours of thought and consideration has gone into this decision. Rest assured that:
  1. Red Note Foundation is NOT going away,
  2. We will be continually communicating with all of you to keep you abreast of our efforts to Keep the Music Playing,
  3. When events are planned you will be the first to know.
  4. We appreciate your past help and look forward to your input and suggestions. With your valued support, we will continue to proclaim the benefits of music education and ensure that the Valley of the Sun will Keep the Music Playing!
All the Best to you and your families,
Red Note Foundation Founders and Board Members
P.S. Be sure to register at rednotefoundation.org/news to receive updates and receive information about our upcoming Bone Marrow Testing Drive and more.